Below is a selection of some of my recent work and this list is updated regularly.
Over the years I've worked with hundreds of artists and bands from around the world, including Kim-Lian van der Meij, Trinidad Madman, Sluwe Vos, Sam Blans, Burnr, Ray Le Fanue, Godwonder, After Dark, Donny Duardo, Alex Sargo.

First you hear about 10-15 seconds of the unmastered track, then 30 seconds of the mastered track. 




"Laurens is a very nice guy and quick in response.
His mastering skills are amazing! He is good at creating a clear equilibrium between the bass and drum sounds in the low end of a track. He softens the harshness of the high frequencies and adds harmonics where needed.
His overall balance is natural and very comfortable to listen too."

— Jordy Nijenkamp (Baritoon)