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€70 per track ex. VAT/BTW. Send up to 8 stems (groups of instruments). 

Includes 3 rounds of revisions. 


Optional extra's (€10 each): Apple Digital Master (192 kHz, 24 Bit FLAC), High Fidelity Master (192 kHz, 24 Bit), extended/radio version, live version (no lead vocal), instrumental.extended/radio version, live version (no lead vocal).


What you get:


• Fully analog master made with high-end gear.

• Free mix advice to get to an even better end result.
• High resolution 44.1 kHz master in 16 bit perfected for streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.
• Instrumental (if requested).

• ISRC codes embedded into the master, if provided.


Note this pricing is for independent artists only. For labels and artists with distribution deals please send an e-mail to for enquiries.

Analog Stem Master

€ 70,00Price
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