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To make sure I can make the most out of your master,
read this page carefully and follow these guidelines for sending your mix. 

-5 dB Headroom

Make sure your mix has about -5 dB headroom, so I have enough space to work in. Every DAW has a True Peak loudness meter, make sure to check if the True Peak level of your mix is below -5 dB (Full Scale)

No limiting

Do not apply any hard compression or limiting on the master bus.

Sub-bass frequencies

Don't mess around with frequencies you can't hear on your monitors. A lot of home studio monitors don't go below 50 Hz, so it's better to leave that sub-bass area untouched and let me sculpt it for you. 

Sample Rate & Bit Depth

Export your songs in the same sample rate and bit depth you recorded/mixed it in. 
(for example 16 Bit 44.1 kHz).

Sending your mix 

Upload your unmastered tracks plus reference tracks (if wanted) via the button below.
Make sure to include the following information:


Full Name / Address / Company Name

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