Obsidian Mix & Master was founded in 2015 and initially started as a recording studio in the heart of Dutch Design and Technology capital Eindhoven. By high demand early 2018 I decided to focus mainly on high-end mixing and mastering.
The studio is built from the ground up, is soundproof and has had professional acoustic treatment by Studio Waveworks.


  • Monitors: HEDD Type 20, B&O Beovox S4500, Auratone 5C Sound Cubes

  • A/D Converter: Crane Song HEDD 192

  • Monitor Control: Antelope Audio Satori

  • Recording Desk: Yamaha EM 300

  • Tape Recorder: Daytona N4511

  • Headphones: Audeze LCD-X, Beyer Dynamic DT 1770 Pro

  • Interface: UA Apollo 8 Quad Core

  • Routing: Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Konnektor

  • Metering: Audioscope 2813-E, TC Electronics Clarity M, Izotope Insight 2

  • Analog Gear: SPL PassEQ, Handcrafted Labs Thermos, IGS Tubecore, SSL Fusion,
    Empirical Labs Fatso EL7X, Elysia XFilter Mastering Edition, Tegeler Crème,
    TK Audio TK-Lizer, ART Classic PWM Limiter,  Aphex Exciter,
    Warm Audio LA2A Optical Compressor, SPL GoldMike 9844 Pre-amp.

  • Plugins: Ozone 9 Advanced, Izotope RX7 Advanced, Brainworx Master Desk, Elysia Alpha Master, 
    Waves Repair bundle, UAD Neve 88RS, UAD Fairchild 670, UAD Manley Massive Passive,
    UAD Precision Enhancer Hz, Fabfilter Pro-L 2, Fabfilter Pro-Q 3, HOFA CD-DDP Master and many more.