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“I feel the rhythm, I see your vision, and I hear your passion. Because music is all about emotions. I know what your music needs just by listening to it as a fellow musician.
No artificial intelligence can beat that!”

Mastering to me is a form of art. Turning a rough gem into a polished diamant. As a musician, producer, songwriter, guitarist and singer I live and breath music, and I will treat your song as if it's one of my own. I specialize in urban, hiphop, moombathon, (indie) rock, pop and funk but any other genre is more than welcome. If it has flair, mojo, flavor, suave or whatever you want to call it, I will be happy to work on it!
If it is not within my expertise I will be honest about it and refer you to one of my mastering colleagues.

Thank you for your trust and I hope to hear your music in my studio soon.

With warm regards,

Laurens van Oers

Links to some of my own music projects:

Moon & Man (Synthpop)

Eau De Funq (Hiphop/Funk)

Laurens Henricus (Folk)


As featured in the Algemeen Dagblad (Dutch national newspaper)