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“I feel the rhythm, I see your vision, and I hear your passion. Because music is all about emotions. I know what your music needs just by listening to it as a fellow musician.
No artificial intelligence can beat that!”

Mastering to me is a form of art. Turning a rough gem into a polished diamant. As a musician, producer, songwriter, sound engineer and gear nerd I live and breath music, so your music will be in good hands! I am also a teacher at Sound Education Nederland.

I specialize
 in pop, rock and electronic music, from tech-house to dance and from minimal to techno and everything in between. But also hiphop, urban, metal, folk, acoustic, funk and blues. If it has flair, mojo, flavor, suave or whatever you want to call it, I will be happy to work on it!

Thank you for your trust and I hope to hear your music in my studio soon.

With warm regards,

Laurens van Oers

Links to some of my own music projects:

Moon & Man (Synthpop)

Eau De Funq (Hiphop/Funk)

Laurens Henricus (Folk)


Labels I work with:

Obsidian Mastering labels we work with
Obsidian Mastering labels we work with
Obsidian Mastering labels we work with
Obsidian Mastering labels we work with
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Obsidian Mastering labels we work with
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As featured in the Algemeen Dagblad
(Dutch national newspaper)



• Your music will sound as big, deep and loud as your favourite artists.

• Your music will sound great on all mayor streaming platforms without audio degration/audible normalisation.

• Your track will sound great on every speaker, headphone and earbud.
• The mastering engineer hears your track for the first time and will give you honest feedback on the mix before mastering.
• We use world-class monitors that have a frequency range down to 25 Hz so we can shape the low-end of your mix to perfection.  
• Your track will come to life like never before because of the use of high-class analog gear. They provide compression, subtle harmonics, saturation, air, clarity and 3D depth unparalleled by plugins.