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“I feel the rhythm, I see your vision, and I hear your passion. Because music is all about emotions. I know what your music needs just by listening to it as a fellow musician.
No artificial intelligence can beat that!”

Hello and thank you very much for taking the time to visit my website, and considering me to be your mastering engineer. Let me introduce myself...

My name is Laurens van Oers. I am a producer, songwriter, guitarist, singer and SEN certified sound engineer. Be sure to check out my solo project Moon & Man. But I am also the producer, songwriter and mixing engineer for acts like Eau De Funq (funk / hiphop), Laurens Henricus (folk rock), I.C.E. (hardstyle) and Ancient Waves (EDM).
My passion for music started at a very young age.
As long as I can remember I’ve always been creating music, either in my head, playing the piano and guitar or simply by using my hands, feet and mouth to create beats ha!

I get excited by nu-metal, indie rock, electropop, hiphop, drum ‘n bass, hardstyle, funk, soul, disco, jazz, industrial techno, reggae, classical...
There’s not a single style I really don’t like or appreciate.
I got hooked on the art of music mastering during my degree in sound engineering at the University of Utrecht, where I got to experience the world of analog mastering first hand by visiting a range of high end studios, while learning from the pro’s. After graduating I founded and built Studio Obsidian from the ground up, and it started out as an analog recording and mixing studio. After a year of training, lectures and extra courses it was time to put the mastering theory into practice. Gradually acquiring the necessary high end gear and monitoring system, and also perfecting the acoustics of the room, Obsidian Mix & Master is now fully operational for all your musical needs.


As featured in the Algemeen Dagblad (Dutch national newspaper)