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Every master plants a tree.
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“I feel the rhythm, I see your vision, and I hear your passion. Because music is all about emotions. I know what your music needs just by listening to it as a fellow musician.
No artificial intelligence can beat that!”

Mastering to me is a form of art. Turning a rough gem into a polished diamant. As a musician, producer, singer-songwriter and sound engineer I live and breath music, so your music will be in good hands. I am also a teacher at Sound Education Nederland.


To put my mastering sound/style in a few words: dynamic, open, warm, vibrant, big. Adding energy, depth and life to in-the-box mixes. Making them sound more organic and groovy. Taking your music back to the 70's with the sound of tubes, tape and transistors. 

I go for a personal approach where I won't stop until you are 100% satisfied with the result. That's a promise!

x Laurens 

Links to some of my own music projects:

Moon & Man (Alternative Rock)

Eau De Funq (Hiphop/Funk)

Laurens Henricus (Folk Rock)



• Your music will sound big, open and lively with added depth, clarity, saturation and harmonics.

• Your music will sound great on all mayor streaming platforms without audio degration/audible normalisation.

• Your tracks will sound great on most speakers, headphones and earbuds.
• The mastering engineer hears your track for the first time and will give you honest feedback on the mix before mastering.
• We use world-class monitors that have a frequency range down to 25 Hz so we can shape the low-end of your mix to perfection.  
• Your track will come to life like never before because of the use of top-class analog gear. They provide compression, subtle harmonics, saturation, air, clarity and 3D depth unparalleled by plugins.

Labels I work with:

Obsidian Mastering labels we work with
Obsidian Mastering labels we work with
Obsidian Mastering labels we work with
Screenshot 2022-10-13 at 14.09_edited.png
Obsidian Mastering labels we work with
Screenshot 2022-10-13 at

As featured in the Algemeen Dagblad
(Dutch national newspaper)


"Laurens is a very nice guy and quick in response.
His mastering skills are amazing! He is good at creating a clear equilibrium between the bass and drum sounds in the low end of a track. He softens the harshness of the high frequencies and adds harmonics where needed.
His overall balance is natural and very comfortable to listen too."

— Jordy Nijenkamp (Baritoon)

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